Work of the Task Force

History of the work of the Task Force

In response to the South West Spine Report, which sets out the economic losses of the severe weather impacts of 2012/13 and 2014, the Task Force developed the 3 Point Plan, which identified three critical requirements that must be delivered through a planned and sequential investment programme:

  • Resilience and reliability
  • Faster and better connectivity
  • Capacity and comfort

The Task Force called for Government support of the 3 Point Plan. As a result, in Autumn 2014, the Government commissioned the Task Force to identify and recommend strategic and local rail improvements to Ministers, up to 2034. This is the end of the national rail funding programme, known as control period 8.

The Task Force published ‘On-Track’ in October 2015. The interim report maintained the importance of the three priorities and defined the worksteam studies required to inform the final report.

Since ‘On-Track’ the PRTF has worked with their partners Network Rail, the Department for Transport and Great Western Railway to undertake extensive studies and research on how to achieve their aim and the results are presented in ‘Closing the Gap’.